Specialising in high performance steel framing systems,  Forster Profile Systems offer a wide range of framing systems that can be used for protection from fire, smoke, bullet, and intruder.

3D_fuego-lightForster Fuego Light frames are an insulated steel framing system that can be used for fixed panes from -/30/30 through to -/120/120, as well as single doors, double doors, pivot doors, and sliding doors up to -/90/90. Additional performance can include smoke, bullet, and intruder protection. Click here for more information.


3D_prestoForster Presto frames offer fire resistance up to -/120/-, in both fixed and door assemblies, as well as bullet, intruder and smoke protection if required.  Forster Presto is also extensively used for non performance applications that require a steel framing system for either strength or aesthetics, and includes an enormous range of different profile shapes. Click here for more information.


3D_thermfix-varioForster Thermfix Vario is a structural steel curtain wall system that can provide fire protection up to -/90/90.  It can be combined with Fuego Light to incorporate doors, and is available in a wide range of configurations.  Click here for more information.


3D_unico_m_SchlossForster Unico is a thermally broken system that can be used for doors, fixed panes, awning windows, turn-and-tilt windows, and can be combined with other Forster systems as required.  Unico can provide an extremely high level of thermal resistance (as good as U=1.0), and can even be used for fire protection up to -/30/-, which meets the requirement for bushfire Flame Zone protection.  Click here for more information.


3D_prestoForster Norm profiles offer a huge range of profiles to suit many custom designed applications.  Suitable for doors, windows, fixed lites, and available in over 100 different shapes, there is bound to be a profile to suit the most discerning project. . Click here for more information.