Non Insulated fire doors and windows

Non-Insulated systems provide certified fire resistance for Integrity only, approved to AS1530.4. These systems are suitable for stopping the spread of fire from flame movement only, but not necessarily restrict the spread of heat, and are not suitable for creating a habitable environment for building occupants.  These systems are not designed for fire escapes, or where the protection of life or property requires restriction of heat transfer.

When used with Pilkington Pyrodur® the systems will provide a high level of radiant heat protection, as this glass turns opaque during a fire scenario (click here for more information about Pilkington Pyrodur®).  Other types of glass that are also approved will remain clear, and are designed for flame and smoke resistance only. All systems meet the requirements of AS1530.5, , AS1288, and the BCA when used appropriately.

Systems include single and pair doors, fixed panes, and automatic closing side and top hung awning windows.

Data Sheet



Frame type


 TBC Steel Hinged doors up to -/120/- Presto singles / pairs
W03 Steel framed Screens (windows) up to -/120/- Presto fixed panes
W04 Self closing side hung windows -/60/- Presto Opening windows
W05 Self closing awning windows -/60/- Presto Opening windows