Fire Curtains

FirecurtainsTPS is the Australian agent for the ‘Fire Curtains Group Ltd’ range of fire and smoke curtains, and these curtains are available through select TPS agents throughout Australia.

Automatic fire curtains close in the event of a fire, and are highly suitable for large openings that must remain clear in normal circumstances, but which need to provide a fire rated barrier in the event of a fire scenario.

TPS provides a range of extremely cost effective integrity only, and integrity plus insulating zone fire windows to suit very small apertures less than one metre wide, through to openings up to 30m wide.

Integrity only fire curtain:

Integrity with Insulating Zone fire curtain:

  • -/150/- rating to BS EN 1634 – 1 (AS1530.4 pending)
  • Up to 9m wide opening
  • Up to 6.6m high opening
  • Reduced radiation transmission
  • note: PAS151 insulating zone test method has been withdrawn, and is no longer applicable
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