Specialising in the ‘system’ approach, whereby products are tested and approved as a complete unit incorporating both frame and glass, TPS is able to provide both frames and glass to suit most performance driven applications.

To review the range of certified high performance systems that are available (combination of glass and frame), please choose from the following performance characteristics:

Fire curtains provide a fire rate barrier for large openings that need to remain clear in normal operations, but also need to provide a fire barrier during a fire scenario.

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Forster frames are available in a huge range of designs and profiles, covering everything from fire protection to intruder protection, and systems from curtain walls to turn and tilt windows.

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Pilkington Pyrostop, Pyrodur and Pyroclear and well established fire resistant glazing products, and offer 3 different levels of protection: Fully insulated, partially insulated with radiation protection, and integrity only.

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